Steve & Darlene by Steve Manick


To find his dream girl, Steve was no longer waiting,
He practiced a life of marathon dating.

He answered an ad that he found in the Journal,
It said she was looking for someone eternal.

"My name is Darlene and I'm smart and I'm pretty,
You look like a nice guy and your letter's quite witty."

He arrived for the first date, six-thirty, no later,
At dinner she paid more attention to the waiter.

The second date started at the San Pedro marina,
She got sick on the boat, half-way to Catalina.

After a cruise and a dinner, he was growing quite near,
An attempted goodnight kiss got him thrown on his rear.

To a third date he figured she'd never agree,
But decided to call her or he never would see.

He said he's spontaneous, so she made him a dare,
"Palm Springs for the weekend, or are you really too square?"

He came to her house, and of course she was late,
She admitted much later, she was out on a date.

They drove to the desert, Steve finally got bolder,
"We'll take one room, I've a comfortable shoulder."

Margaritas during dinner got her happily juiced,
But Steve was a gentleman, until later seduced.

He knows not what happened in the mind of this girl,
But it feels good so far, why not give it a whirl.

He's logic and neatness, she does not see what he sees,
She's scattered, impulsive, they're like two different species.

He said "no, don't move in yet, we'll both end up wrecks,"
'Til Steve found his address printed right on her checks.

Darlene wanted a family, she was starting to hunger,
"It's been three years Steve, you're not getting any younger."

In Yosemite at sunrise, Steve brought from his pocket,
The words "will you marry me" engraved on a locket.

So to say they are different is quite understated,
There are those that may argue: they're perfectly mated.