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Waikiki at Night, Oahu, 2007


Prinsengracht Canal, Amsterdam, 2000



LAX Pylons, 2010


Carousel, Santa Monica, CA, 1982


White Stairs, Marina del Rey, CA, 1982


Green Acres, 1988


Ohningen & Rhine, Germany, 1991


Noon, Nesselwang, Germany, 1991


Konigschlosser, Germany, 1991


LAX at Night, 2010



LAX Tower, 2010


Ka'anapali at Night, Maui, 2005


Getty Museum, Los Angeles, 1998


Ill River, Strasbourg, France, 2000


Getty Museum, Los Angeles, 1998


International Tails, 2009


LAX Pylons, 2009



Airbus, LAX, 2007


Oakland & Bay Bridge, 2000


Oakland at Night, 2000


LAX Terminal at Night, 2009

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Technical Information: Digital images were scanned from the original film media using a Nikon Coolscan 5000 film scanner and were processed using Adobe Photoshop on a Macintosh G5 workstation. Images were downsampled for use on this website. No special effects were used.[D] Denotes original image made on digital media.

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