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The best wine website anywhere:

The best eating disorders website: coming soon!

Yosemite SAM's Yosemite and the High Sierra


Hi-tech? Lame boss? Check out Dilbert

Have a few laughs at the Joke of the Day and

Late night? David Letterman's Top 10

How about movies? Search the Internet Movie Database


Looking for an Airline's Website?

Trivia buff? This day in History (any day you choose)

Synonymonics? Rojet's Thesaurus

Great information site: Research It!

The Virtual Reference Desk

On-line reference works

Reference: xplore

Factbooks and Reference Books

The LibrarySpot

Electric Library presents

Tutorials you won't learn in school:

All kinds of Conversions (funny, she doesn't look Jewish)

A pretty nice cite: Bartlett's Quotations

Almanac: Information Please

Many Dictionaries in One!

How about the Old Farmer's Almanac?

National Address Server

Telephone Toll-Free Directory

Phone Directories: Four11

Thor Phone Books and Email Directories

Could you Sometimes use a Reverse Phone Search?


What does your Phone Number Spell?

The ultimate Acronym Finder


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