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UPDATE: Check out Steve's NEW photo gallery. Updated 12/15/2012

The Latest News (Updated 8/17/2014)

Please forgive the lack of updates over the past many months.

For my friends and family, thank you for your support (you know who you are).

Life has been somewhat challenging these days. I am looking for a new house and trying to find new homes for several of the cats. I found an ideal house not far from my current one, but it was just outside the boundary for Julia to continue at her current school. So the quest continues...

With summer vacation quickly ending due to Julia's school schedule, I decided to take Adam and Julia to San Diego for a few days. We usually stay in La Jolla or Mission Bay, but this time we stayed in Pacific Beach, right on the beach. It was a lot of fun, but I discovered that Pacific Beach is a hangout for beer-drinking, surfing, bikini-clad, not-a-care-in-the-world 21 to 25 year olds, which made me feel quite old hanging out on the beach. Oh well. The highlight of our trip was bicycling around Mission Bay. I was very proud of Julia keeping up with the guys.

Over 4th of July weekend, Adam and I went on our annual camping trip in Kings Canyon. We had a really great campsite right on a creek and had a very nice time. Because of the unusually high heat, we spent most of the days playing Scrabble or mind puzzles, and photographing. We returned a 100 degree house and discovered that both air conditioning units had died. The cats were only half-dead. Oh, the joys of home ownership.

Adam (18) has had quite a year, graduating high school (as Student Body President) and turning 18 a month later. He was accepted to CSUN but decided to go to Pierce for his first two years. Like his dad, his aspirations are toward electrical/computer engineering. He loves electronics and has invented several electronic devices and even designed electrical circuits. He also loves digital photography, and spends a lot of time surfing scientific and "don't try this at home" websites. The problem is that he does try them at home.

Adam has been living with me since my separation and has been instrumental in me keeping my sanity. No, it's not always easy living with a teenager (especially with getting him to clean his room and do his chores), but he has been very supportive and we have spent a lot of time together. I most enjoy our late nights--watching movies or Bill Maher and playing Scrabble or mind games.

Julia (11) just started 7th grade and will turn 12 in just a few weeks. She has become a very talented artist, actress and musician. She has also become quite independent, is very particular about what she wears and has developed a unique sense of style.

I (pronounced "eye") am still working as a "Senior IT Planner" and Enterprise Architect at the airport. What does that mean? Enterprise Architecture is the practice of trying to align the organization's future state of Information Technology with the organization's strategic goals and objectives. Ooooh, very sexy!. My own passions include my long-time hobbies of photography, wine and wine tasting, and maintaining a challenging house. (Check out this new panorama of our back yard using my iPhone.)

Feline Family: At one time in my life I thought it would be fun to live in a cathouse. Well, now we do and I can say that it's not always fun. Six cats roaming the house, plus regular visits by the local strays. Our first two rescued kittens, Tigger and Luna, were adopted in late 2007. I later caught two 8-week old kittens, Linus and Lucy, on our patio in mid-2008 (trapped them like animals). I later rescued Ex-LAX (affectionately known as "Lexie"), a beautiful purebread female that was living in a parking lot at LAX. The latest is Squeak, which was a frequent visitor to our back patio and was rescued after becoming ill. They've learned how to control their humans and are willing accomplices as they systematically shred all the furniture in our house.

Remember, if you're interested in wine, please visit...

Steve's Attempts at Humor Among Other Things


Adam's Birth Announcement
Funny but True: When Adam was born, we notified our family of his name with business cards (see "resume" above), except that the first card I I handed out to each had the name "Waldo Duncan Manick" printed on it. There were varied reactions.

Julia's Birth Announcement
Funny but True: Moments after Julia was born, the midwife asked me what our new baby's name is. I replied "Eve, because our first child is a son named Adam. " Ten seconds later, a nurse ran in from the nurse's station and asked me to verify the name before she broadcasted it throughout the hospital.

Poems (Sometimes Funny But Always True)
A Collection of Adam's Birthday Poems
A Collection of Julia's Birthday Poems
Poem for My Mom's 80th Birthday
Poem for My Dad's Birthday (2010)

The "Year in Review" Newsletters




Hawaii 2007 Photo Slideshow (PDF)
Hawaii 2011 Photo Slideshow (PDF)


The Family Photo Gallery (Most Recent Images at Top)

The Latest:

Steve & Judy wine tasting in Carmel (11/13)
Steve & Judy at a nice dinner (11/13)
Steve and his famous sign (10/13)
Steve and Adam on Steve's birthday (9/13)
Julia with her new American Girl on her birthday (8/13)
Steve and Julia on her birthday (8/13)
Adam and Julia in San Diego (8/13)
Julia in Tarzan's treehouse at Disneyland (7/13)
Steve and Adam at a Disneyland restaurant (7/13)
Steve and Julia at a Disneyland restaurant (7/13)
Julia with her balloon on the Venice boardwalk (7/13)
Juliashowing off the latest in cake wear (7/13)
Steve and Adam on the Queen Mary (6/13)
Steve and Julia on the Queen Mary (6/13)
Adam and Julia at Bubba Gumps in Long Beach (6/13)
Julia at her piano recital (5/13)
Adam and Julia in Santa Barbara (3/13)
Adam and Julia roasting marshmallows in Yosemite (2/13)
Julia is showing off the latest snow wear fashions in Yosemite (2/13)
Adam and Steve at Tunnel View in Yosemite Valley (2/13)
Julia is posing with Mr. Freeze in Yosemite Valley (2/13)
Julia is preparing a snowball intended for the photographer (2/13)
Adam is making a photograph
in Yosemite (2/13)
Julia at the L.A. Zoo (2/13)

Julia is so happy to get her own iPad (12/12)
Adam is pretty happy with his laptop too (12/12)
Steve is caught looking up Marilyn Monroe's dress (11/12)
Adam, Julia and cousin Ryan in Palm Springs (11/12)
Grandma and Grandpa on Thanksgiving (11/12)
Grandma is very happy on Thanksgiving (11/12)
Julia performing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" at her recital (11/12)
Julia is modeling the latest in Wizard fashions (10/12)
Harriet Potter in the graveyard (10/12)
Celebrating Grandma's 81st birthday (10/12)
Julia is very happy to get a phone for her 10th birthday (8/12)
But she's not so happy at birthday cake time (8/12)

Ka'anapali Beach, Maui 2012
Adam and a tree on Ka'anapali Beach (8/12)
Julia and the tree on Ka'anapali Beach (8/12)
And now Steve and that tree on Ka'anapali Beach (8/12)
Adam, Julia and Darlene in a candid by the pool (8/12)
Adam and Julia in a beachside restaurant (8/12)
Julia in a Maui sunset portrait (8/12)
Julia and Steve are having a great time in Maui (8/12)
Steve and Adam are photographing a shoreline in Maui (8/12)
Steve and Julia in the Hyatt Regency Ka'anapali Beach pool
Adam and Steve walking and photographing (8/12)

Leah and Lou relaxing in our back yard (7/12)
Adam sitting in the back yard (7/12)
A couple of beautiful flowers in the yard (7/12)
Adam and his 16th birthday cake (7/12)

Kings Canyon Camping Trip 2012
Cousin Ryan, Julia and Adam and the tree that fell the day before (7/12)
Adam, Ryan and Julia hiking in Kings Canyon (7/12)
Steve and Julia at the Falls in Kings Canyon (7/12)
Julia, Adam and Ryan in Kings Canyon (7/12)
Roasting Marshmallows over an open fire (7/12)
Julia and the tree that fell in the next campsite (7/12)
Julia and Ryan are official Junior Rangers (7/12)

Our campsite along the Kings River (7/12)
Adam and cousin Ryan having fun by the Kings River (7/12)

Adam, Julia and Grandpa celebrate Grandpa's 85th birthday (6/12)
Adam, Julia, Grandma and Grandpa (6/12)
Julia performs in her dance recital (6/12)
Julia after her dance recital (6/12)
Julia poses with TV star Laura Marano (Austin & Ally) (6/12)
Julia made dinner for the family for a scout project (5/12)
Julia says that no dinner is complete without dessert (5/12)
Grandma and Grandpa on Mother's Day (5/12)
Tracie, Jeff and Ryan on Mother's Day (5/12)
Julia performs at her piano recital (5/12)
Adam and Julia pose for the first shot of Steve's new camera (5/12)
Adam and Julia in Carmel, California (4/12)
Adam is driving his team's electric car at state finals in Brentwood, CA (4/12)
Julia (in the center) at a school chorus performance (2/12)

Yosemite 2012
Julia and Steve at the Yosemite Lodge (2/12)
Adam and Steve at the Yosemite Lodge (2/12)
Julia and Darlene at the Yosemite Lodge (2/12)
Julia with the famous Julia Parker
in Yosemite (2/12)
Steve's reflection in the Merced River in Yosemite Valley (2/12)
Adam and Julia at Yosemite's Valley View (2/12)
Steve is enjoying Adam and Julia in Yosemite (2/12)
Julia is dining at the Awahnee (2/12)
Adam is excercising his creativity near Vernal Falls (2/12)
Adam and Steve in front of Vernal Falls in Yosemite (2/12)

The whole family for Thanksgiving dinner in Palm Springs (11/11)
Julia with Grandpa at Thanksgiving dinner (11/11)
Julia with Grandma and Grandpa on Thanksgiving (11/11)
Adam, Julia and cousin Ryan at lunch in Palm Springs (11/11)
Adam, Julia and cousin Ryan at the Living Desert (11/11)
Julia is dressed as Dorothy from Oz for Halloween (10/11)
The family at Leah's 80th birthday party (10/11)

A beautiful photo of Julia looking much older than 9 her years (9/11)
Steve and his parents (9/11)

Steve and his Dad in the yard (9/11)
Julia gets a new bike for her birthday upon returning from Maui (9/11)

Hawaii 2011 (Kauai, Maui & Lanai)
Julia and Adam at the Kauai Grand Hyatt brunch (8/11)
Adam is kayaking in the Grand Hyatt's lagoon (8/11)
Action shot! Adam is bonked by Julia in a kayak (8/11)
Steve, Julia and Adam have fun at dinner in Kauai (8/11)
Adam and Julia in blue (8/11)
Julia feeds the peafoul in Kauai (8/11)
Adam and Julia at the Hyatt brunch (8/11)
Julia is watching a sunset from Maui's Ka'anapali Beach (8/11)
Darlene and Julia watching another Maui sunset (8/11)
Steve at the Hyatt on Ka'anapali Beach (8/11)
Adam and Julia relaxing in Maui (8/11)
A family portrait on Maui's Ka'anapali Beach at sunset (8/11)
Adam snorkeling in the reef off Lana'i (8/11)
Adam and Steve snorkeling self-portrait (8/11)
Steve free-diving in the reef (8/11)

Adam at the general store on the island of Lana'i (8/11)
This is how Julia looked on the catamaran returning from Lana'i (8/11)
Julia recovers and enjoys a Hawaiian evening with Dad (8/11)
Julia has a little pre-birthday treat in Maui (8/11)
Aloha from Hawaii. Steve and Julia with flowers in their hair (8/11)

Julia becomes a Junior Girl Scout with her friend Kathy (7/11)
Steve and Adam celebrating Adam's birthday (7/11)
Adam at his birthday lunch with Darlene and Julia (7/11)

Kings Canyon Camping Trip 2011
Julia and Steve by the Kings River (6/11)
Julia and Adam down by the river (6/11)
and Steve at our river campsite(6/11)
Cooking a good camp dinner (6/11)
Adam and Julia roasting marshmallows at the campfire (6/11)

Adam, Julia and cousin Ryan (5/11)
Julia is all dressed up with with Grandpa Lou (4/11)

Adam, Julia and Ryan with Grandpa and Grandma for their 60th Anniversary (3/11)
Grandpa Lou and Julia share a laugh during lunch (3/11)

Yosemite 2011
Adam is cross-country skiing at Badger Pass (1/11)
Adam tubing in the Snow (1/11)
Julia is Downhill skiing for the First Time (1/11)
Darlene and Julia return from a ski run (1/11)
A family dinner in Yosemite after along day of skiing (1/11)
Julia and Adam enjoy a nice day in Yosemite Valley (1/11)

Adam, Julia and cousin Ryan (12/10)
Julia, the Candy Corn Witch on Halloween (10/10)
Julia and friends at her 8th birthday party (9/10)
Adam destroys Julia's birthday pinata (9/10)
Adam with Grandma and Grandpa (9/10)
Adam with Nana, Grandpa Jim, and Bobi (9/10)
Adam and Julia at the Getty Museum (9/10)
Julia and her 8th birthday present: "sister" Rebecca (8/10)
Steve, Julia and Adam in La Jolla (8/10)
Adam and Julia with their Bobi (7/10)
Julia and Steve - with a beard? (7/10)
Adam and Steve - with a beard! (7/10)

Adam gets a new toy for his 14th birthday (7/10)

Kings Canyon Camping Trip 2010
Steve, Adam and Julia in Kings Canyon (7/10)
A dramatic Julia in Kings Canyon (7/10)
Julia and Darlene - with funky glasses (7/10)
Adam returning from firewood hunting (7/10)
Julia is sworn in as Junior Ranger (7/10)
Adam and Julia on the Kings River (7/10)

A proud dad on Father's Day (6/10)
Still a proud dad on Father's Day (6/10)
Adam at his middle school graduation ceremony (6/10)
A handsome Adam at middle school graduation (6/10)
Adam and Julia pose at his graduation ceremony (6/10)
Julia is happy at her Brownie ceremony (6/10)
Adam, Julia and cousin Ryan (5/10)
Adam and Julia all dressed up (5/10)
Steve, Adam, Julia, Grandma & Grandpa (5/10)
Adam is enjoying the pool (5/10)
Julia out for a drive in her ATV (4/10)
Julia and Grandpa on the patio (4/10)
Julia and Grandma on the patio (4/10)
Julia and friend Kathy showing a lot of pink (4/10)
Grandma and Grandpa looking at Adam's Bar Miatzvah photos (2/10)
Adam and Grandma at our home (2/10)
Julia and Grandpa at our home (2/10)
Lexi (Ex-LAX) the cat I rescued from LAX (1/10)
Adam, Julia and a local resident in Yosemite (1/10)

Adam is making a good impression in Yosemite (1/10)
Quite a bit of snow on this Yosemite trip (1/10)
Adam with his cousin Ryan (12/09)

Steve's Boston trip for a double family Bat Mitzvah
Steve with cousins Debbie and Florence in Boston (11/09)
Cousins Joe and his son Michael (11/09)
Steve with cousin Eli (11/09)
Cousins Joe and daughter Florence (11/09)
Steve with cousins Florence, Michael and Debbie (11/09)
Steve with cousins (Michael, Michael, Danny and Eli (11/09)

Julia and her baby in Palm Springs for Thanksgiving (11/09)
Grandma and Grandpa in Palm Springs (11/09)

Adam's Bar Mitzvah
The Bar Mitzvah boy (11/09)
Princess Julia and her baby (11/09)
The ceremony (11/09)
Cocktail Hour: relief and a little cake (11/09)
Jeff and Tracie (11/09)
Steve and his parents (11/09)
Steve and his best friends (11/09)
The family at Adam's reception (11/09)
High-fives for the Man of the Hour (11/09)
Grandma and Grandpa share a dance (11/09)
The extended family portrait (11/09)
Adam is partied-out (11/09)

The entire Enterprise Architecture crew - check out Spock (10/09)
Spock and his crew (10/09)
Steve and his parents (10/09)
Steve, Adam & Julia with Steve's parents (10/09)
Steve's friends & co-workers relax on the patio (9/09)

Steve's friends & co-workers relax on the patio (9/09)
Steve enjoys his birthday with Adam & Julia (9/09)
Julia giving Dad a big birthday hug (9/09)
Family & friend celebrate Julia's 7th birthday (8/09)
Two Julias and a birthday cake (8/09)
Selma, Grandma & Grandpa at dinner for Julia's birthday (8/09)
Jeff & Traci relaxing by the pool (8/09)
Adam & cousin Ryan (8/09)

Cambria & La Jolla Vacations 2009
Steve on the balcony in La Jolla (8/09)
Julia the model at the La Jolla cove [1 of 3] (8/09)
Julia the model at the La Jolla cove [2 of 3] (8/09)
Julia the model at the La Jolla cove [3 of 3] (8/09)
Adam in a cave at the La Jolla cove (8/09)
Adam & Julia in La Jolla (8/09)
Adam catches a wave in La Jolla [1 of 3] (8/09)
Adam catches a wave in La Jolla [1 of 3] (8/09)
Adam catches a wave in La Jolla [1 of 3](8/09)
Our beautiful Julia during lunch in La Jolla (8/09)
Adam and Julia with makeshift glasses at breakfast (8/09)
Adam at the tidepools in Cambria (8/09)
Adam & Julia checking out the tidepools in Cambria (8/09)
Adam and his "cocky" look at dinner in Cambria (8/09)
A very coy Julia at dinner in Cambria (8/09)
Adam & Julia celebrate Adam's 13th birthday (7/09)
Steve & Julia celebrate Adam's birthday 13th (7/09)
The whole family diring Adam's birthday celebration (7/09)

Camping at Kings Canyon National Park 2009:
Adam gets a new camera for his birthday in Kings Canyon (7/09)
Mountain Men: Steve & Adam camping in Kings Canyon (7/09)
Julia & Adam in Kings Canyon (7/09)
Julia and a mountain lion in Kings Canyon (7/09)
Julia, Steve and some of the local wildlife (7/09)
Julia, Adam and Darlene relaxing by Kings River (7/09)
Darlene, Julia and lots of pink (7/09)
Adam & Julia posing in Kings Canyon (7/09)
Julia is sworn in as a Junior Ranger... again (7/09)
Steve is looking pretty scruffy in Kings Canyon (7/09)

Julia is getting ready for a dance performance (6/09)
Julia after her dance performance (6/09)
Steve with Julia resting in his Father's Day present (6/09)
Steve, Adam & Julia in the snow: Yosemite 2009 (1/09)
Darlene, Adam & Julia in the snow: Yosemite 2009 (1/09)
Darlene & Julia in the Awahnee Hotel dining room (1/09)
Adam is photographing Yosemite Valley with Dad (1/09)

2008 Photos:
Adam plays the violin in a school holiday concert (12/08)
Adam takes a break at the holiday concert (12/08)
The "Lollipop Queen" is enjoying her school's Halloween parade (10/08)
Julia has fun at the Halloween parade (10/08)
Adam vants to suck your blood! (10/08)
Julia and dad having a good moment at Disneyland (10/08)
Adam and Julia on the Disneyland carousel (10/08)
Julia loves driving in Disneyland's Autopia (10/08)
But nobody seems to be driving this car (10/08)
The family poses in the Disneyland Fire station (10/08)
Julia and Adam playing with a very patient baby Linus (9/08)
Steve and good friends at the summer party (9/08)
More friends at the party (notice the sign) (9/08)
Our family did enjoy our summer Hawaiian party (9/08)
Out littled tatooed princess on her ATV (9/08)
Lucy and a very skeptical Tigger relax on the hearth (9/08)
Julia has TWO cakes for her 6th birthday (8/08)
Adam and Julia at the San Diego Zoo (8/08)
Steve in the cave at the La Jolla cove (8/08)
Linus and Lucy just moments after being caught by Steve (7/08)
Linus and Lucy just a week or so later (7/08)
Julia is having fun riding her electric ATV (7/08)
Another photo of Julia on the ATV (7/08)

Camping at Kings Canyon National Park 2008:
Steve and Adam at Kings Canyon (6/08)
Adam relaxing by the falls (6/08)
Adam and Julia playing by a stream (6/08)
The family having fun at the campfire (6/08)
Steve, Adam and Julia at the campfire (6/08)
We had the greatest campsite in Kings Canyon (6/08)
Adam and Julia pose at a tree trunk (6/08)
Steve and Julia sittin' by the Kings River (6/08)
Julia is hamming it up by a stream (6/08)
Adam and Julia get sworn in as Junior Park Rangers (6/08)
The Jeep as it is meant to be (6/08)
Darlene and the kids return from an evening "nature walk" (6/08)
Steve, Adam and Julia are dirty and tired by the campfire (6/08)
Darlene and the kids inside a toppled Sequoia (6/08)
Adam on a Sequoia tree's roots (6/08)

Julia is all dressed up for a dance recital (6/08)
Steve, Adam and Julia on Father's Day (6/08)
Adam & Julia with their grandparents celebrating Father's Day (6/08)
Adam, Julia and Grandpa (6/08)
Julia at her Kindergarten graduation ceremony (6/08)
Julia at another Kindergarten graduation ceremony (6/08)
Julia is very happy after losing her first tooth (5/08)
Luna is all dressed up for a concert (5/08)
Julia at the L.A. Zoo (2/08)

Yosemite 2008
Julia, Darlene and Adam enjoying the snow in Yosemite (1/08)

A Darlene & Steve Yosemite photo by Adam (1/08)
Another Darlene & Steve photo by Adam (1/08)
Adam has found a huge snowball (1/08)
Julia & Adam during a hike in the snow (1/08)
Julia is posing in our lodge room (1/08)
Darlene shows Julia how to ice skate (1/08)
An excited Julia just before the fall (1/08)
Adam is getting his ice skating legs (1/08)
Adam turns his marshmalow into a torch (1/08)
Bob Cat is a local Yosemite denizen (1/08)
Steve is toasting another successful Yosemite trip (1/08)

2007 Photos:
Our kittens at about four months old (12/07)
Here are the kittens again... getting cocky (12/07)
Julia and Darlene at our Palm Springs hotel (11/07)
Julia & Adam enjoying a lunch in Palm Springs (11/07)
Julia & Adam check out our one-horsepower transport (11/07)
Julia & Adam enjoy an evening carriage ride (11/07)
Another one of Julia & Adam in the carriage (11/07)
Our little princess and her ghoulish brother on Halloween (10/07)
Our new kittens Tigger & Luna on their first day at home (10/07)
Grandma & Grandpa with Julia & Adam (9/07)
Adam gives Steve a homemade card for his birthday (9/07)
Steve with some special women on his birthday (9/07)
Julia blows out the candles on her 5-year birthday cake (9/07)

Hawaii 2007 Photos:
Darlene demonstrates the art of messy packing (8/07)
Steve demonstrates the art or organization (8/07)
Adam, Steve and Julia at Hanauma Bay, Oahu (8/07)
Julia is having a lot of fun at Hanauma Bay (8/07)
Julia conks out after a very tiring day (8/07)
Adam & Steve at a restaurant in Waikiki (8/07)
Our family on Maui's Ka'anapali Beach (8/07)
Julia, Darlene & Steve at our favorite luau on Maui (8/07)
Julia & Dad enjoy a sunset dinner on Ka'anapali Beach (8/07)
Steve & Darlene relaxing and waiting for the sunset (8/07)
Hey, how did these girls get in here? (8/07)
Julia & Adam are in a pretty good mood (8/07)
Adam and Julia are wearing their desserts (8/07)
Adam strikes a handsome pose on Ka'anapali Beach (8/07)
Our little Hawaiian princess (8/07)
Adam really enjoys the surf on Maui (8/07)
The whole family showing off our Hawaiian tans (8/07)

Julia and a friend prepare for a ballet performance (7/07)
Adam gets an iPod for his 11th birthday (7/07)
Julia is playing in the yard (6/07)
Steve is a very happy dad on Father's Day (6/07)
Julia is having a lot of fun in the pool (6/07)
Adam shows off his 5-pound "sugar baby" (6/07)
Adam is up a tree on Mother's Day (5/07)
Adam is still up a tree joined by Julia (5/07)
Adam playing games at an Earth Day celebration (4/07)
Julia is excited playing carnival games (4/07)
A family photo in Yosemite Valley (1/07)
The family at the Awahnee Hotel in Yosemite (1/07)
Dad and Julia in the Yosemite Lodge cafeteria (1/07)
Darlene and Adam at the Lodge cafeteria (1/07)

2006 Photos:
Our handsome Adam reading his new book (12/06)
Julia thanking Adam for his homemade jewelry box (12/06)
Adam is happy with his gifts (12/06)
Julia is modeling the latest in princess fashions (12/06)
Adam and Julia at our Palm Springs hotel (11/06)
Adam enjoys an ice cream in Palm Springs (11/06)
Steve, Adam and Julia posing on the patio at night (11/06)
Steve and Julia sharing a nice moment (11/06)
Darlene, Adam and Julia on the patio (11/06)
Adam and Julia in a great photo (9/06)
Julia playing with Grandma and Grandpa (9/06)
Steve, Darlene and Julia dressed up on the patio (9/06)
Steve and Julia dressed up on the patio (9/06)
Adam and Julia dressed up on the patio (9/06)
Coach Darlene, Julia and the rest of the soccer team (9/06)
Darlene and a sleeping Julia on the patio (9/06)
Steve's birthday with friend Ron on the patio (9/06)
Steve and Julia on his birthday (9/06)
A family portrait on Steve's birthday (9/06)
Steve and his parents at breakfast (9/06)
Steve and Adam at breakfast (9/06)
Darlene and Julia at breakfast (9/06)
Steve's 50th birthday in the wine cellar at Fleming's (9/06)
Steve's 50th birthday with Darlene in the wine cellar (9/06)
Steve's 50th birthday with best friend Jaime in the wine cellar (9/06)
Steve and Julia on her 4th birthday dinner (8/06)
Julia and her friends at home on her 4th birthday (8/06)
Julia and her birthday cake (8/06)
Julia at her 4th birthday party (8/06)
Julia can't wait to eat her birthday cake (8/06)
Julia and many friends at her 4th birthday party (8/06)
Darlene and Julia look for shells on Moonstone Beach, Cambria (8/06)
Darlene, Adam and Julia walking into the Moonstone Beach sunset (8/06)
Adam and Julia wait for Mom & Dad at a Carmel Winery (8/06)
Family portrait on the old Monterey pier (8/06)
Adam and Julia pose on a carousel horse in Monterey (8/06)
Julia, Darlene and Steve on the old Monterey pier (8/06)
Steve and Julia at our favorite Carmel restaurant (8/06)
Adam is artistically occupied (8/06)
Darlene and Julia at the Carmel beach (8/06)
Adam and Julia are swallowed by a giant Monterey clam (8/06)
Julia poses in the Monterey Bay Aquarium (8/06)
Adam and cake on his 10th birthday (7/06)
Adam gets a great present on his 10th birthday (7/06)
Adam is enjoying Grandma and Grandpa's company (7/06)
Adam and Julia pose in a moon bounce (7/06)
Adam, Julia and cousin Ryan enjoy the pool on a warm day (6/06)
Steve is enjoying his children on Father's Day (6/06)
Steve is still enjoying his children on Father's Day (6/06)
Julia with a painted face (6/06)
Adam in desperate need of a haircut (6/06)
Julia takes her turn at bat with Nicole playing catcher (6/06)
The Entire Manick Family Portrait (4/06)
Julia Rose with "Julia Sue" (3/06)
Julia Rose with Julia Sue 2 (3/06)
Yosemite 4 Ever (1/06)
Family Yosemite Portrait (1/06)
Julia in the Snow (1/06)
Dad and Julia in the Snow (1/06)
Darlene, Adam and Julia (1/06)
Steve, Adam and Julia (1/06)
Adam and Julia Relaxing in the Cabin (1/06)
A family Portrait over Yosemite's Merced River (1/06)
A Close Contact with Nature (1/06)
Best Friends: Adam, Julia and Nicole (1/06)
Adam Enjoys the Pool in Santa Barbara (1/06)

2005 Photos:
Our little lady Julia (12/05)
A very happy little lady (12/05)
Adam and Grandpa (12/05)
Julia and Grandma (12/05)
Julia and cousin Ryan (12/05)
Our handsome son (12/05)
Julia watching the Chanukah candles (12/05)
Captain Adam on Nana's Houseboat (12/05)
Darlene, Adam and Julia on Darlene's Birthday (12/05)
Darlene, Steve and Julia on Darlene's Birthday (12/05)
Adam and Julia dressed for Halloween (10/05)
Julia is a beautiful little fairy (10/05)
Steve with his parents (10/05)
Steve with his dad (10/05)
Adam behind Grandpa's bar (10/05)
Adam and Victorian Julia (10/05)
Steve, Adam and Julia on Steve's birthday (9/05)
Steve and Darlene on Steve's birthday (9/05)
Steve enjoys a moment with the kids (9/05)
Julia is enjoying her new "big girl" bed (9/05)
Our Julia Rose and some other flowers (9/05)
Our coy Julia with the flowers (9/05)
Julia blows out the candles at her 3rd birthday party (8/05)
Julia opens her presents (8/05)
Grandma and Grandpa at Julia's party (8/05)
Julia and her new tricycle (8/05)
Steve, Julia and Adam (8/05)
Darlene, Steve and Julia (8/05)
Adam's 9th Birthday Present (7/05)

Hawaii 2005 Photos:
Official Maui 2005 Manick family portrait (7/05)
Darlene, Julia and Steve waiting for the Luau (7/05)
Adam and Julia in a very happy mood (7/05)
Julia and Darlene at the Luau (7/05)
Adam is looking relaxed after a few drinks (7/05)
A photo of Steve by Adam (7/05)
Steve and Adam share a laugh at dinner (7/05)
Adam playing his Gameboy in the hotel room (7/05)
Happy Hula Girl Julia (7/05)
Hula Girl and her new bear (7/05)
A family portrait agains a Maui sunset (7/05)
Adam, Darlene and Julia in the pool (7/05)
Adam and Steve relaxing at dinner (7/05)
Julia is asleep after another long day in Hawaii (7/05)

Cousin Ryan and Julia at his birthday party (5/05)
Darlene and Julia at Ryan's party (5/05)
Adam making bubbles (5/05)
Adam making more bubbles-- one of my favorites
Adam and Julia in a nice portrait (in the bathroom?) (5/05)
Julia with her "Baby" (5/05)
Jeff, Traci and Ryan at my parents house (4/05)
Cousin Ryan, Julia and Adam (4/05)
Julia in her pretty pink dress (4/05)
Another of Julia in her pink dress (4/05)
Is this Julia or Audrey Hepburn? (4/05)
Julia and a Host of Friends (2/05)
Adam in a Very Happy Mood (2/05)
Adam and Julia (2/05)
Our Yosemite 2005 Family Portrait (1/05)
Julia is all Worn Out (1/05)
Julia Running in the Snow (1/05)
Darlene, Adam and Julia in the Snow (1/05)

2004 Photos:
Steve Darlene and Julia in Palm Springs (11/04)
Adam in a Soccer Huddle (11/04)
Adam and Julia Enjoy a Happy Moment I (10/04)
Adam and Julia Enjoy a Happy Moment II (10/04)
Princess Julia at Halloween (10/04)
Darlene and Adam Relaxing in the Den (10/04)
Steve's Birthday Presents-- Adam and Julia (9/04)
Steve is Relaxed at the Cliff House (9/04)
Darlene at the Cliff House (9/04)
Steve & Darlene at his Reunion (8/04)
Family Portrait in La Jolla (8/04)
Darlene and Adam Cruising in San Diego (7/04)
Darlene and Julia in the Tub (7/04)
Adam's 8th Birthday Party (7/04)
Friends Having Fun in the Pool (7/04)
Adam and Birthday Cake (7/04)
Dodger Stadium... PRICELESS (6/04)
Adam on the Dodger field (6/04)
The Two Steves (Garvey and Manick)
Steve, Adam and Julia on Father's Day (6/04)
Steve and Adam in the Yard (6/04)
Adam and Julia in the Yard (6/04)
Steve and Julia in the Moonbounce (6/04)
Julia in the Playhouse 1 (6/04)
Julia in the Playhouse 2 (6/04)
Julia in the Playhouse 3 (6/04)
Darlene and Julia in a Swing (6/04)
Five Manick Men (5/04)
Jeff, Traci and Ryan (5/04)
Julia and Grandma (5/04)
A Boy and his Water Balloon (5/04)
Julia Watering the Flowers (5/04)
Adam is Having Fun in the Yard (4/04)
Julia Has a Drinking Problem (2/04)
A Nice Family Photo in Yosemite (1/04)
Another Family Photo in Yosemite (1/04)
Steve and Adam Enjoying the Snow (1/04)
Julia in Her First Snow (1/04)
Adam and His Snowman (1/04)
A Candid Moment: Adam in the Snow (1/04)
Julia out for a backpack Ride (1/04)
Darlene and Julia for a Snow Trek (1/04)
Steve, Darlene and Julia (by Adam) (1/04)
Fun Time in the Lodge (1/04)
Steve and Adam at Home (1/04)
Darlene and Adam at Home (1/04)
Darlene and Steve (by Adam) (1/04)

2003 Photos:
Steve's Parents Lookin' Great (12/03)
Jeff Giving Traci "that Look" (12/03)
Jubilant Julia (12/03)
Steve and Darlene, by Adam (11/03)
The family at our Thanksgiving dinner (11/03)
Darlene, Leah and Traci at Thanksgiving (11/03)
Julia riding "Dad the Horsie," by Adam (11/03)
Adam and cousin Ryan (9/03)
Steve's ideal birthday (9/03)
Adam and Darlene at California Adventure (8/03)
Adam, Julia and Steve at California Adventure (8/03)
Tastes good... Julia's birthday (8/03)

Julia and dad, posing (8/03)
Mom, dad and Julia (8/03)
Julia wears cake I (8/03)
Julia wears cake II (8/03)
Julia wears cake III) (8/03)
Julia in the hotel, Carmel (8/03)
Adam, not alone, at the beach. Okay, okay! (8/03)
Adam, Darlene and Steve at Disneyland (8/03)
Adam and his special snack (8/03)
Darlene lookin' good at Disneyland (8/03)
Adam and cousin Ryan at play (7/03)
Adam as "Citizen of the Month" (6/03)
Julia's first time in the pool (5/03)
Jeff, Traci and Ryan on Mother's Day (5/03)
Adam and Julia in a beautiful photo (5/03)
Adam and Julia in a welcoming pose (5/03)
Julia with that pink bow thing on her head (3/03)

Julia relaxing in a baby-sized chair (2/03)
Julia swinging in the backyard (2/03)
Julia swinging in the backyard (2/03)
Julia's first taste of solid food (2/03)
Adam and Julia on the floor (1/03)
Adam and his little friend in the snow (1/03)

2002 Photos:
A year-end family photo (12/02)
Adam visiting Dad's work (12/02)
Adam and Dad in Dad's LAX office (12/02)
Julia and Darlene asleep on the couch (12/02)

Adam playing his new guitar (12/02)
Julia on the swing-- and smiling (12/02)
Another of Julia on the swing (12/02)
Darlene and Adam on her 40th birthday (12/02)
Steve's parents with Julia (12/02)
Steve, Darlene and Julia (11/02)
Adam and Julia (11/02)
Handsome Adam in Santa Barbara (11/02)
Steve with Adam and Julia (11/02)
Steve, Adam and Julia (11/02)
Adam the Pirate on Halloween (10/31/02)
A Good Pic of Julia Asleep (9/9/02)
A Good Pic of Julia Awake (9/9/02)
Adam as a Proud Older Brother (8/30/02)
Our new little girl (9/1/02)
New family portrait in hospital (8/30/02)
Julia with Adam and Steve (8/30/02)
Darlene and Julia (hours old 8/30/02)
Adam is '6' years old (7/10/02)

New girl in town II (4/5/02)
New girl in town I (3/19/02)
Adam's school photo (3/02)
Yosemite: Adam in his first snow (2/02)
Yosemite: Snow fight action (2/02)
Yosemite: Family portrait (2/02)
Yosemite: The little snow elf (2/02)
Yosemite: Adam and Steve (2/02)
Adam in New York? No, Legoland (1/02)

2001 Photos:
An adorable (not so) little boy (10/01)
Adam and Steve dressed and ready to go (9/01)
Darlene relaxing at the Fess Parker winery (9/01)
Mom and dad at her 70th birthday party (9/01)
Darlene and Steve in a Sequoia grove (photo by Adam, 8/01)
Adam and Steve camping in King's Canyon (8/01)
Adam out in the river (8/01)
Adam loses his first tooth (6/01)
Adam & Nicole in... an embrace? (6/01)
Darlene, Adam & Steve (6/01)
Jeff, Tracie and Ryan (5/01)
Adam perched in his tree (5/01)
Adam and Sonoma, our Golden Destroyer (5/01)
Steve's parents at their 50th anniversary party (2/01)
Jeff & Tracie wedding photo (1/27/01)
Our family at the wedding (1/27/01)
Steve, Adam and Adam's grandparents (1/01)
Adam, Steve & Darlene at home (1/01)

2000 Photos:
Adam's family celebrates New Year's Eve (12/00)
Looks like someone has been painting (12/00)
Adam and Steve at Thanksgiving dinner (11/00)
Boarding the cruise ship (11/00)

All dressed and happy (Oakland, 8/00)
Darlene the Babe (8/00)
The family lounging around our hotel room (8/00)
Family portrait at Bargetto Winery (8/00)
A family camping portrait (King's Canyon, 6/00)
Adam and Dad relaxing by the river (6/00)

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