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Frequently Asked Questions

Who in the heck is the reunion committee?

Julie Barrett
Steve Manick

We thank our original members for their hard work:
Jeannie Ingeneri
Sue (Hita) Schneider
Scott Huber

What does the committee do?

Develop, research and vote on all aspects of the reunion. They make the necessary reservations and front the deposits. They put in many hours trying to assure that as many of your classmates as possible are aware of the reunion and work hard to put together the most enjoyable event possible.

Why 3 days of events?

More opportunities for old friends to enjoy each other.

Why those dates?

August 13 thru 15 were dates that seemed likely to coincide with family vacations and all of the committee members were available then.

How formal are these events?

Not. The Friday and Sunday events are casual. The reunion party is "dressy casual," which means that you don't need to get dressed up but we're sure you'll look great if you do.

I am a person of many talents and I'd love to do something wonderfully unique at the reunion. Who should I contact?

Email Me

I'd love to attend the reunion but I've doubled my size and lost half my hair. What do you suggest?

You're not alone. Attend the reunion.

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